Identifying The Bacterial Vaginosis Home Remedy

Vaginosis is one of the more embarrassing illnesses that people suffer from. In fact they might decide to suffer in silence rather than confronting the problem. The bacterial vaginosis home remedies enable them to overcome this problem. One of them is to use tea and see whether it can work. Alternatively the person might want to consider Neem powder which has been considered as an effective remedy for the condition. Garlic is also touted as one of the possible remedies. It can either be used orally or placed on the site of the infection to try and act as a bacterial vaginosis remedy. One has to be wary of the social implications of using garlic so liberally because the stench can become overwhelming to those that are sharing the home.

Others swear by the benefits of turmeric which is mixed in dissolved water and it is said that it has some very powerful anti fungal properties that might act one of the bacterial vaginosis remedies. Alternatively the people might want to look at Tracheal which once again has been identified as an effective remedy in the long term. It is well known for eliminating toxins from the body. Those that like vegetable juice might find that it is a useful part of the bacterial vaginosis remedies. Essentially it is a mixture of garlic, parsley and other green vegetables in order to reduce the pain. Cedar oil has also been identified as one of the bacterial vaginosis remedies. The patient creates a bath with salt and cedar. The end result is that they will have less itchiness.

There are also some practical things that the person can do to avoid the infection. For example they might want to improve their toilette hygiene and wash their undergarments on a regular basis. Warm baths are also known to prevent the development of the fungus but if someone is infected they have to ensure that they do not infect anyone else in the home. There is an improbable remedy in the form of daily doses of yoghurt but this has not been conclusively made as an argument for inclusion into the bacterial vaginosis remedies. It must be said that the people that have used them tend to have very positive reports of their impact and effectiveness in treating the fungus no matter what the history is.